• Cultivating Presence: Anchoring into your Deepest Self

    with Lee Lyon and Kimberly Carson

  • April 22-23, 2017

    $200 for the weekend

    Portland, Oregon



    As there is no limit to life’s ever-evolving new forms of expression, there is likewise no limit to the depth and breadth of mindful awareness itself.

    This workshop will focus on peaceful, subtle-level meditations designed to help us deepen the profound experience of presence. It is from this most fundamental aspect of ourselves that our deepest wisdom emerges, guiding us to live more fully from our best self.

    Each day of the workshop will be invigorated with a yoga session.

    Lee is a dear, longtime friend and colleague of ours. He brings a depth of experience, insight, humor and sensitivity to his workshops that is extraordinary. Please consider joining us for this presence-filled weekend.

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    For more information contact Kimberly at kimberly@mindfulyogaworks.com or 503-245-9642.



    Lee Lyon for the past 30 years has taught meditation to over 10,000 people worldwide. He is the founder of Integrative Meditation, an approach to teaching meditation uniquely adapted to Westerners. Well known for his clarity and humor, Lee lives in Santa Fe and works with groups and individuals around the country. Lee will be assisted by his close friend, Portland mindfulness meditation teacher Kimberly Carson.

    To learn more about Lee, visit www.integrativemeditation.net