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    Circle of One Spiritual Practice Group

Be still, and know that I Am 

~ Psalms

Know Thyself ~ entrance to the Delphi Temple of Apollo

Circle of One is our Know Thyself In Community spiritual practice group. We meet on Sunday mornings for 2 hours which includes reflections on readings from the mystical tradition, practice and sharing. The first three years of this Circle were in-person groups but we switched to Zoom meetings when Covid radically changed so many of our familiar rhythms. This is for folks who are drawn to the mystical and wisdom traditions and are wanting to deepen their practice. It will be important that participants already have an established meditation practice as the Circle of One assumes there is commitment to practice already in place.

Know Thyself MeditationTM is a direct path application of the central teaching of all the great wisdom traditions. Through this practice, we invite attention to discover the immediate, self-evident, universal reality of aware being, our conscious presence, accessible here-and-now, always. We also explore all aspects of our being: How we relate to our sensory perceptions, body, thoughts (including autobiographical memory), emotions, and personality (including its shadow elements). And we inquire deeply into how we relate to “others”, and to our sense of the “Divine”.

Know Thyself Meditation was developed by Kimberly and Jim Carson based on their decades of delving into various types of meditation – especially mindfulness meditation as originated in Buddhist traditions, and self-inquiry meditation as taught in the nondual yoga traditions of Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism. Know Thyself Meditation has been the foundation of the Carson’s various research studies demonstrating the beneficial effects of the Mindful Yoga program (see Research).

Q. How should we treat others?

A. There are not others. ~ Ramana Maharshi


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Onging since 2017

Sundays 9-11am PST

With Kimberly & Jim Carson

The next Buddha may be a sangha. 

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Know Thyself In Community

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Meditation begins by rooting attention, deepens into Acceptance and blossoms into the lightness of Being, the ease of Presence.


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