Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Registration Form

MBSR Registration Form
Commitment* Many people report that the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program has a transformative effect on their lives. Anything with that potential for change requires commitment. There are types of commitment that this program requests of participants. The first is that you not miss more than two (2) of the scheduled classes. The second is that you commit to practicing these methods most days of the week, between 20 and 60 minutes each day. Given your obligations during the two months of the course, are these commitments workable for you? *
Practices* We will use various practices to cultivate mindfulness during the course. These include sitting meditation, body scan meditation, gentle hatha yoga, loving kindness meditation, and walking meditation. You will be given digital recordings of these methods to guide your home practice. *
Class Structure* The class structure will be a balance of practicing the various methods of mindfulness, group discussions concerning the application of mindfulness, and education regarding the relationships between mindfulness, stress and health. There will be between 10 and 20 students per class with ages ranging from 18 to 80+. There will be a mix of motivating factors that bring students to the class. This can include psychological challenges (e.g., anxiety and depression), medical challenges (e.g., chronic pain, heart disease), work or relationship challenges, as well as participants who want to enhance their coping abilities with a wide variety of stressors. *
Class Location* Classes will be held on Zoom *
Confidentiality* As there is a group dynamic that is a significant component of the learning, we ask that you honor confidentiality. If conversations that occur in the group are shared outside of the group, please do not identify people by name. *
Going Green* Finally, we are trying to make this program “green” and rather than burning CDs, we will be offering to send mP3 versions of the guided meditations electronically to your computer or smart phone. Please let me know whether this would work for you. *

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Meditation begins by rooting attention, deepens into Acceptance and blossoms into the lightness of Being, the ease of Presence.


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