The wave, the foam, the eddy, and the bubble are all essentially water. Similarly, the body and ego are really nothing but pure awareness. ~ Shankara

Elemental Devotion

Please consider joining us for the powerful deepening and expansion of meditation retreat. The focus of this year’s Kauai retreat will be Elemental Devotion, tuning into, learning from and expressing devotion to the elemental nature of life. Meditation, contemplation, chanting and sharing will nourish this devotion. Each year the retreats have proven to be magical medicine in sublime, poignant and delightful ways. In addition to the deep gift of spiritual community and practice, each afternoon there will be an opportunity to savor elements of the island. 

October 4 -9, 2024

Anahola, Kauai

with Kimberly & Jim Carson

Yoga as Gratitude Retreat

Twelfth-century mystic Meister Eckhart put it this way: “If the only prayer you ever said was thank you, that would be enough.” While gratitude may flow naturally in times of ease and joy, being thankful can feel elusive when things are hard.  When there is so much struggle and suffering in the world, how can this prayer be enough?  This is the medicine of yoga. The yogic path is a return to the recognition of wholeness—a receptivity to all of life as she unfolds herself.  As a practice that illuminates union, yoga invites us to have reverence for the full experience of life.  Join us for a day of movement, meditation and community as we explore the healing prayer of gratitude. This retreat is only open to graduates of our trainings. 


Creativity of Now

Join us for a four-day meditation retreat at the beautiful Oregon Coast. We will dive into the creative power of  mindfulness practice, utilizing a blend of guidance, silence, intuitive creativity and mindful community.  Thursday will be art meditation. We will gather for the silence-focus retreat Friday at 4pm.  


Winter 2023

Oregon Coast

with Kimberly Carson

Heart of Presence

Join us for a two-day virtual meditation retreat. We will dive into the power of  mindfulness practice, guidance will be conservatively interspersed with the silence. Reflection and sharing will be reserved for the beginning and end of each day with the remainder of the retreat will be practice time. We will meet on Zoom 9-6 Friday and 9:00-5:00 Saturday with a one hour lunch meditation both days. Practices will include sitting, body scan, seated and standing mindful movement and loving kindness. Students have been delighted with how integrated with regular life meditation retreat feels when done at home.

Spring 2021


with Kimberly Carson

Ride Every Wave Into The Heart of Presence

During this virtual meditation retreat we will explore “direct path” yoga practices that can reveal the immediate experience of our most intimate and joyful true nature. We will explore ways to awaken to this experience while in seated meditation, in movement, in satsang (“sharing the truth”), and other activities. This retreat will also launch (and is required for) the year long Know Thyself in Meditation Teacher Training.

Fall 2020


with Kimberly & Jim Carson

Meditation begins by rooting attention, deepens into Acceptance and blossoms into the lightness of Being, the ease of Presence.

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Meditation begins by rooting attention, deepens into Acceptance and blossoms into the lightness of Being, the ease of Presence.


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