Mindfulness has been shown to be helpful of so many aspects of life. Mindfulness-Based Relationship Enhancement, was the first mindfulness program designed for couples and subjected to a randomized controlled research study. MBRE was designed to enrich the relationships of relatively happy, non-distressed couples. Results suggested that the program (a) favorably impacted couples’ levels of relationship satisfaction, autonomy, relatedness, closeness, acceptance of one another, and relationship distress; and (b) beneficially affected individuals’ optimism, spirituality, relaxation, and psychological distress. These relationship enhancements persisted for 3-months following the end of the program and had a dose-response effect. Couples who practiced mindfulness more had stronger improvements. Mindfulness-Based Relationship Enhancement practiced today was associated on several consecutive days with improved levels of relationship happiness, relationship stress, stress coping efficacy, and overall stress. The after-glow of partnered mindfulness practice.

See the full article here: Mindfulness-Based Relationship Enhancement

Carson, J. W., Carson, Karen M., Gil, K. M., & Baucom, Don. H. (2004). University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Behavior Therapy, 35, 471-494..

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